How to Use Resell Rights to Build Your List

Resale rights products can come in e-books, software, reports, web templates, and site headers among others. Depending on the product’s complexity, the price of resale rights products can be as low as $5 to as high as $5000 or even more. In particular, the market for private label rights (PLR) is big and lucrative the simple reason that it helps generate enormous amounts of content and other types of materials at very minimal costs.

Just imagine, whether you’re running a business about real estate or chess, it becomes very easy for you to build a website, produce massive amounts of content, and build a subscriber list at very minimal costs. If you’ve been in internet marketing for some time or indeed, if you’re only just starting to read up on internet marketing materials, you’re probably aware that building a subscriber list is critical to online success. PLR give you an opportunity to do exactly that.

It is easy to build a list using private label rights in order to increase your sales. Also, it can be used for different aspects in online marketing. Below is the two step process that will help guide you in this endeavor:

Step 1: Create a Free Special Report or an E-course

Special reports and e-courses are extremely popular because everyone wants to learn something new. However, if you’re a busy internet marketer, then you probably don’t have time to write the content yourself. Hiring a good ghostwriter is one option but it can be extremely expensive. After all, you are paying for the writer’s research and writing time.

There is no need to pay that much. Use PLR products to create an e-report which can be given to your website or blog visitors for free when they opt-in on your mailing list. The same information will be given to your readers anyway. The difference is that the PLR products compile all relevant information into one package. The PLR materials can simply be rewritten or given as it is for the benefit of your readers at very minimal costs to you.

Step 2: Create a Newsletter Series for Email Marketing

After the web visitors have opted-in on your mailing lists, the next step is to use that subscriber list. One of the best ways to make money online is through email marketing. It delivers your message right at the customer’s inbox. You can use PLR content to create this series. Then, insert your affiliate code or URL links to your e-commerce website to generate sales.

With consistent delivery of relevant information on your newsletter, you can increase sales, build a brand, and improve customer loyalty. It is recommended for you to send one newsletter every week to keep you at the customer’s top of mind. In addition, you are increasing your chance to make money every time you send an email to the subscriber.

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