Affiliate Marketing Tutorial 3 | How To Identify Affiliate Sites

Affiliate Marketing Tutorial 3 | How To Identify Affiliate Sites:

Affiliate marketing can be quite subtle – most people using the Internet are unaware that affiliate marketing exists, yet it’s the reason behind a lot of the content on the Internet; therefore one of the first things you should learn when getting started as an affiliate is How To Identify Affiliate Sites. Once you start to spot affiliates you’ll realise exactly how pervasive affiliate marketing is, and it might just give you ideas for your own affiliate business!

Affiliates In Paid Search Listings
One of the places where affiliates are most obvious is in the paid advertisements on search engines like Bing or Google.

Affiliates In Natural Search Results
Not all affiliates choose to promote their websites through paid advertisements, however. A lot of affiliates rely on traffic that comes from normal search results in the search engines.

Lesson Summary
In this lesson you’ve learned:
A few things you can use to spot obvious affiliate sites:
How some affiliates are making money in a few different markets
Deriving traffic from paid search listings.
From the natural search listings.
Sites comparing and reviewing products are often affiliate sites
Sites promoting products or services they did not create are often affiliates
Catchphrases like Reviews” “ratings” “learn the truth!” “scams” etc, often indicate affiliate sites.


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