An Introduction to Resale Rights: Basic, Master, and Private Label Rights

Are you wasting your time, money, and effort in unprofitable niches? Do you want to see results immediately? What many internet marketers don’t know is that they’re missing a big opportunity in resale rights. It gives 100% results with half the work. And you won’t need to pay an army of expensive assistants to succeed.

The key to raking it in on the internet is to maximize your profit each and every day by leveraging on other people’s work legally. Researching profitable niches, building new websites, developing sales copies, and writing new content may all generate some revenue, but it takes months before the money starts to come in. A better alternative would be to use resale rights to achieve the same results. But before you embark on this endeavor, it is first important to understand the different types of resale rights:

Basic Resale Rights

This type of resale rights is very “basic”. In essence, you are given permission to resell the item and keep the profit from the sale. It has several important limitations though. First, you cannot pass the resale rights to your customer. And second, you cannot modify the existing item in any way. The brand and the content of the item should remain the same.

Master Resale Rights

The master resale rights have better flexibility compared to the basic resale rights. This structure allows you to resell the resale rights to your customers while keeping the profit. Now, this opens up a wider market for you because you can target both customers who want to the item for personal use and customers who want the product for business. The latter will resell the same product to others. There is still a restriction in master resale rights though, you are not allowed to modify or rebrand the content.

Private Label Rights

Given the restrictions on the two types of resale rights, it is not surprising that marketers came up with an exciting alternative: the private label rights. This type of resale rights allows you to take complete control over the product’s brand, content, and method of sale. You can change, modify, or completely restructure the private label rights product.

In addition, you are given the choice whether you want to give your customers the resale rights to the modified content or not. Basically, you can do almost anything you want with private label rights without the danger of copyright infringement or any other legal infractions.

Should You Settle for Less?

After seeing the benefits of private label rights, the question is, should you still settle for less? Of course not, particularly because Platinum Resell Rights gives you a chance to buy low and sell high with its resale rights program.

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