Duplication Is Key!

People Want You To Show Them The Way

If  by absolute determination you negotiate to cold call your way to success, bite the bullet and swallow all the abrasive rejection of strangers and knocking on 1000 doors to sell your products for money, then you have my wonderment.

The only sorry part about using old school network marketing method is this – you might have iron bowels of steel, but I can bet you that the absolute majority of downlines in your network won’t be able to follow you down the long and narrow road.

Plainly Put:

If you don’t have a duplicable system that’s simple enough for your downlines to follow, you’ll be a lone ranger. Its human nature to throw in the towel easily… only a select few will prevail above all odds and fight for success, but in network marketing, you’ll never survive all alone.

You MUST Assist Others Like You Succeed Also!

But how is it imaginable? You don’t require your people to sit down and make a hundred cold calls every single day, do you?

The truth is – your downlines can’t be like you all the time. They might talk like you, but there’s no way that they can replicate the charisma, the assurance or even the style that you use to ‘close’ your prospects! (If you are a CEO of a big corporation, you can’t ask your 18 year old downline to walk and talk like you in front of his prospects, right?) .

Your downlines, regardless how hardworking they are, could not even have the contacts like you and they’ll struggle to build their contacts as well!

All the same, there is a way to duplicate the lead generation process and it’s simple enough to reduplicate and get reproducible results day in and day out.

Once again, it requires you to venture on the net and build a suitable marketing system with automated features. The beneficial news is, ‘robots’ are more predictable compared to human beings.

If the people you are trying to teach are shy or introvert, going on the net to build your internet marketing business may be the true key towards unlocking the enigmas behind how internet marketing works!

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