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You can make you’re business dollars stretch a lot further once you learn how to post free classified ads.

If you’re in business, you know that advertising is important, but advertising money never goes as far as you would like it to. By using free classified ads, you are getting your business name and contact information out there at no cost. The more easily available your business information is, the faster your business will grow and prosper.

There are many places to post free classified ads and they all have certain particulars pertaining to their site alone. However, there are many guidelines that are also quite universal, so let’s start there.

Step 1:

When you are posting free classified ads, the first thing you need to know is the commonly prohibited items and services. These lists are usually very long and can be rather intimidating. Speaking generally, if you are selling a legitimate service or product that doesn’t harm others and isn’t alive, breaks no laws and doesn’t infringe on another persons trademark or copyright, you are probably good to go. If you are even wondering if your product or service might be on the prohibited list, you need to read the list to be sure.

Step 2:

You need to place your free classified ad in the appropriate category when you submit it. Most sites will have guidance available online, but if you aren’t sure where it belongs, contact the ad site for help. By choosing the appropriate category for your free classified ad, you are avoiding the SPAM police and you are presenting your information to the target audience that you need as customers.

It is quite easy to post a free classified ad. Most sites will give you step by step guidelines. It’s a good idea to write your ad before you start posting to the list of free classified sites below. Take the time to choose an eye-catching headline for your ad and then keep it simple, for the best results. Tell them what you have, what it can do for them and what they need to do next. For example: I LOOK! Wendi’s Widgets Found Here! Wendi’s Widgets provide you with the best widget produce result you can find. Call Wendi’s Widgets at !-800-Widgets today.

Step 3:

Most classified ad services will limit the amount of characters you can use, so create your ad using as few words as possible. Yes, you want your personality to shine through but mostly, you want to get your contact information to your potential clients. Think of a short tag line for your business that tells people what you do in just a few words. Taglines are often a witty one liner that gives away a bit of your personality, so spend a little time on it for best results.

Most free classified sites will require you to register first, before you can post an ad. Registration is usually free and simple to follow instructions are provided. Then you simply follow the steps to create your free classified ad and post it. Be sure to read site specifications for how often you need to re-post your ad and how many ads you can place. Free classified ads can help you generate new business without spending a dime of your advertising budget.

I place ads in loads of classified ad sites . I do this on a constant basis.

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