How to do Affiliate Marketing Different | My Frustration With Affiliate Sites For Info

Think about the last time you were trying to research a product you were thinking about buying. Chances are you stumbled upon a very polished looking affiliate site which claimed to rank the best products and help you buy the best one.

One thing you may have noticed is that it seems like the person writing the post has never used a single one of these products and they really offer no helpful advice aside from showing pictures and listing the specs of each item.

On the flip side you may have some across a Youtube video or a personal blog which may not have been as polished but in which the person showed pictures of them with the item and actually listed the pro’s and con’s, what they liked about an item and what they didn’t. You probably found this more helpful.

In my early days of affiliate marketing I would get frustrated I couldn’t make this really polished sites like some others. I later realized however that while my sites may not be as polished people actually preferred my “real” site which actually helped people in the buying process.

I guess that’s the lesson of today’s video. There are advantages to reviewing or working with items or niches you actually know. Not everything needs to be super polished if you’re giving good content.

When your in the market to buy a product and looking for reviews or advice think about the questions that you want answered and style or format you want the info conveyed in. Then do that very same thing when your building your own affiliate sites.

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