Mass Vs Niche Markets!

There are commonly 2 philosophies.

One group of affiliates would contend that mass marketing can attain a larger group of audience and therefore make volumes of sales. The other, the niche marketers would vouch for the success of niche marketing and relative simplicity to conquer a niche. So who’s right and what should be a choice for you?

 Before we dwell into the issue, we need to comprehend what is niche marketing and mass marketing. Niche marketing essentially centers on promoting to a little tight market. This is specialization at play and niches are frequently ignored by big players who can’t be bothered with and are not interested with the small sales volumes produced through niches. Mass marketing, on the other hand, attempts to appeal to the general mass and provide an assortment of products.

 If you are an affiliate, the question you should ask is what sort of work are you prepared to do, and not whether niche marketing or mass marketing is better. Niche marketing centers on finding little markets which have a demand but weak supply and hence is much easier to master. All the same, in order to grow your affiliate marketing business to an ample one, you need to capture many niches.

 So if you’re one who prefers variety and don’t mind attempting and testing out new niches, then by all means, capitalize on niche marketing. This as well requires you to research into a lot of different topics and subjects that are totally unrelated to one another. At the same time, attention has to be spread out to handle different niche sites and you could face the crunch of time.

“Mass Marketing Is For The Big Boys And
People Who Think Like The Big Boys.”

 That’s what you have come to hear very frequently. But the big boys were once small also. They started small and slowly matured into a size to be reckoned with. Likewise, if you’re prepared to work hard and consistently grow your mass marketing business, over time, you should see your business flourishing. But this calls for a lot of grit and patience, which isn’t what everybody has.

 One interesting observation to mention is that many successful affiliates start off with niche marketing 1st before they move into mass marketing. Maybe the instant gratification yielded by niche marketing does make it more likeable to start off with this mode of affiliate marketing over mass marketing. After all, every affiliate needs to come across some real income coming into their accounts to remain motivated. 

 However, if you want to move into the realm of the ultra successful, you really need to adapt a mass marketing frame of mind!


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