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Marketing Mistakes – Not Promoting Your Site

Marketing Mistakes – Not Promoting Your Site

We talked about the false expectation that if you build it, they will come. Putting out several money buckets to monetize the site for when visitors arrive is just the first step. You also have to heavily promote the site to get visitors to show up. As a single person online, you don’t have the same resources to advertise a massive campaign on television, radio, and in newsprint. Instead, your choices are going to be limited to what you can do online. Prime the pump by starting to toot your own horn as quickly as the sites go up. Have a marketing campaign set up to go with content to distribute; then when the site goes live, you can start the promotion. Here are some simple methods that you can use to promote your site online.


Set up different email addresses for each website and add an automatic signature that promotes the site or a recently featured product or service, CPA offer, or anything else that can make money for you. Now, when people email the site and you respond, the signature is inserted and automatically promotes something of value to you and to your customer.


Write up press releases for all new products and services that you are offering and make sure to go online and add them to press release sites. You can buy a service that will take one press release and post it to multiple sites. As long as you have your Web address and what you are offering, it’s a great way to promote across the Web and to gain more traffic to your site.


You can also submit informative articles to article directories for free. If you write-up a great article and it gets lots of attention, it can bring loads of traffic to your site. In the resource box included with these articles, you are allowed to post two links. Choose what you advertise there carefully and be sure to stay within the terms of agreement of the site for those links.


Use an automatic service like Ping.fm to send out status updates on new offerings to all of your social networks. This way, you centralize those functions, but still get the word out to everyone.

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Affiliate Marketing Tutorial 3 | How To Identify Affiliate Sites

Affiliate Marketing Tutorial 3 | How To Identify Affiliate Sites:

Affiliate marketing can be quite subtle – most people using the Internet are unaware that affiliate marketing exists, yet it’s the reason behind a lot of the content on the Internet; therefore one of the first things you should learn when getting started as an affiliate is How To Identify Affiliate Sites. Once you start to spot affiliates you’ll realise exactly how pervasive affiliate marketing is, and it might just give you ideas for your own affiliate business!

Affiliates In Paid Search Listings
One of the places where affiliates are most obvious is in the paid advertisements on search engines like Bing or Google.

Affiliates In Natural Search Results
Not all affiliates choose to promote their websites through paid advertisements, however. A lot of affiliates rely on traffic that comes from normal search results in the search engines.

Lesson Summary
In this lesson you’ve learned:
A few things you can use to spot obvious affiliate sites:
How some affiliates are making money in a few different markets
Deriving traffic from paid search listings.
From the natural search listings.
Sites comparing and reviewing products are often affiliate sites
Sites promoting products or services they did not create are often affiliates
Catchphrases like Reviews” “ratings” “learn the truth!” “scams” etc, often indicate affiliate sites.


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